COVID-19 Notice

Tier 5 Lockdown Update

*Hayes Muslim Centre – Tier 5 Lockdown Update*

Following recent government announcements, _*the masjid will remain open for prayers with restricted numbers and limited services.*_

We are reviewing the situation on daily basis and may close the masjid if the rules are not adhered to!

_*Please read ALL INSTRUCTIONS before you plan to visit the masjid._*


*Entry may be refused, if you do not adhere to following guidelines:*

*1.* Daily five prayers attendee’s numbers are reduced to 50 for each prayer, entry is strictly subject to first come first serve basis.

*2* Masjid will open 15 minutes before the prayer time and closes immediately after the prayers.

*3* You must bring your own prayer mat, face mask and carrier bag for shoes.

*4.* Please come with wudu, no toilet, wash and wudu facilities are available.

*5.* We strictly facilitate *age group from 12 to 60 only.*

*6.* No prayer facility is available for the sisters during lockdown.

*7.* Do not come even if you have very mild symptoms of cough, cold, flu or fever.

*8.* Irrespective of your age, do not come if you have any underlying health conditions.

*9* *Friday Registration:*
Pre-Registration required online for both Jummah Salahs. Please note the numbers are significantly reduced and there will be no registration at the doors. _*If you don’t have the booking for Friday, don’t come to avoid disappointment._*

Please visit our website regularly for all latest updates:

*Please share with your families & friends*

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