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Tajweed Course – 12Weeks

Hayes Muslim presents a 12 weeks Tajweed course. Two days in a week, Monday and Tuesday.

A brief about the course is that it is designed for everyone from a beginner to an advanced Quran reader.

What the course will cover:

An introduction to Tajweed, brief history of Tajweed, importance of Tajweed, Arabic letters and their origins which form the basis of Quran recitation including practicals. Common errors in pronunciation and how to correct them.
Etiquettes of recitation, characteristics of letters, the rules of Tajweed both in theory and practice.

There are 6 basic modules in the course.

There will also be an assessment after each module


Duration: 1 hour 30 mins per session
Approximately 45 minutes of theory and 45 minutes practicals.

Time: 7:30pm till 9pm

Days: Mondays and Thursdays

This course is a first come first served basis and will be a registration only course.

Register yourself

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