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Re: Jummah Salah Registration

🟢 *HMC – VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE  Re: Jummah Salah Registration*

Based on the feedback we have received from some of the community members and our internal discussion, we are making some important changes for future bookings.

*The tickets for our future Jummah Salahs will be released in two phases*

*Sunday at 12:00 NOON:* We’ll release half of the tickets for each Jummah Salah.

*Wednesday at 7:00PM Evening:* We’ll release remaining half of the tickets for each Jummah Salah.

Based on your personal circumstances and availability, now, you have two chances to make your booking.

*Please avoid making multiple booking for different Jummah Salahs*, only make one booking for yourself.

*The remaining half of the tickets for all three Jummah Salahs will be release on Wednesday 3rd February 2021 at 7:00pm*

If for any reason you can’t attend, you must cancel your registration online, so we can offer place to someone else.

📝 The latest *Jummah Salah Times*, *Safety Procedures* and *All other Pertinent Information* can be found in Live Events on

🌸 *Please share with your families & friends*


*If you have any queries, please feel free to contact:*

Ijaz Khan: @⁨Ijaz Khan⁩
Hafiz Ishtiaq: @⁨Hafiz Ishtiaq Nazir⁩
Zia Rehman: +447930934243

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