Ramadan 2021-1442AH


Assalamu Alaikum

Insha’Allah, subject to the moon sighting, Ramadhan this year is likely to start on the 12th or 13th April 2021. We aim to provide limited services subject to all COVID MEASURES in place. Our decision is based on current Guidelines provided by Government Agencies and Health Professionals, we review the services we provide on weekly basis to be compliant with all latest guidelines. Please keep yourself up to date by visiting our website and following us on social media.


Taraweeh prayers will be 20 Rakats, and we plan to complete the Quran in this blessed month
There will be a 10 minutes interval after 8 Rakats
Due to limited spaces, Online booking MUST be completed each day. NO BOOKING! NO ENTRY! Further details to follow.
Online booking will be available from 2pm daily.
All musalees like all other prayers MUST bring their own prayer mat, mask & carrier bag for shoes.


There will be no Iftar meals served in the masjid.
Dry dates & water will be provided to the musalees attending Maggrib salat.
Due to limited spaces, Online booking MUST be completed in order to attend the Maghrib prayers. Further details to follow.
All musalees must remain at their place during the period of their stay at the Masjid, they must not socialize in any way or try to share any food.
Any food received from donations will be distributed to the musalees as they leave.

Toilets & Wudu area

Toilets and wudu area will only be available during Taraveeh.
For all other Salats, All musalees will be requested to come with wudu from home.
All musalees MUST wash their hands with soap properly before leaving the wudu area

Opening & Closing times

The Masjid will open 15mins before each Salat
The Centre will close 30mins after Fajr & Asar Salat
The Centre will close 1hr after Zohar Salat.
The Centre will close 15mins after Maghrib Salat.
Jummah Booking will remain as normal.
All musalees must remain at their place whilst doing their worship.
Qurans/ Islamic books will not be available to use, everyone is encouraged to bring their own or utilize a phone/tablet.


Due to the current situation, there will be limited places for Itikhaf in the last 10 days of Ramadhan
Applications will be open from the 1st week of Ramadhan and close on the 15th Ramadhan.
Names will be taken out of a hat by our Imam and those whose names are selected will be contacted.


Ramadhan timetables will be available from Friday 2nd April 2021. Please follow the link below to download the timetable.
Our centre, follows the 18 degrees timings for salat. The Fajar timing is earlier than Regents Park and Islam Channel, which means the Sehri ends earlier and Fajar Jamat will be 30 minutes after the end of Sehri. For more information on salat timings visit: https://www.wifaqululama.co.uk/salahtimes/

Download your Hayes Ramadan Muslim Centre Timetable copy

For any further information/ queries please e mail: info@hayesmuslimcentre.org.uk or phone the office on 0208 561 7149.

We pray that this Ramadhan is a blessed one for all of us and the Ummah. Ameen

Jazaka’Allah Khair

On behalf of the Trustees and Executive Committee

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