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Dear Parents,

Please find below, an update regarding the Madrasah for the new term 2021-2022, starting in September.

In sha Allah, we plan to start the Madrasah onsite (at the Masjid) from Monday, the 6th of September. This is subject to risk assessment and following applicable guidelines. Further details are available on the Madrasah webpage.

Parents must register all new students by completing the online form at . They will then receive a confirmation email. There is no registration fee. The last date for registration is 31st August, 2021. We cannot guarantee a place for registrations received after 31/8/2021.

Existing students who were on the Madrasah register as of July, 2021, will receive a Madrasah email by 28 August. If parents would like their child to continue with the new 2021-22 term, they must reply to the email by 31 August, with a “Yes”.  Please note that we cannot guarantee a place for a non-reply or reply received after 31/8/2021.

If parents have not set up direct debit for monthly fee payment, they must do so at . Only then are we able to assign a class to their child and contact them with details.

Fee is 30 per month. If a parent has more than one child studying at the Madrasah, they only need to setup direct debit once. They should ensure to use the same email address with which you have registered online with the Madrasah. This is required to process the direct debit.

The classes are provided for boys and girls aged 5-15 years.

Students are offered one of the sessions below

  • Monday & Tuesday: 5-7 pm.
  • Wednesday & Thursday: 5-7 pm.
  • Saturday & Sunday: 10-12 pm.

Fee is 30 per student per month. 55 for 2 siblings. 80 for 3 siblings.

For further information, please contact: email: , phone: 0208 561 7149, Hafiz Ishtiaq: 0781 137 0178

Last updated: 27/08/2021

As salaam alaikum.

The Madrasah team strive to educate and prepare the younger generation through knowledge, wisdom, good morals and manners using effective methods of teaching and positive encouragement.

About 350 children learn to read the book of Allah at our Madrasah. The classes are provided for boys and girls aged 5-14 years. Parents can choose one of the following sessions:

  • Monday & Tuesday – 5pm to 7pm.
  • Wednesday & Thursday – 5pm to 7pm.
  • Saturday & Sunday – 10am to 12pm.

If you wish to register your child, please visit and click on “Register your child“.

Alhamdullilah we also conduct Hifz-e-Quran classes at our Madrasah for those students who wish to memorize the Holy Qur’an. We are continuously trying to develop our services and syllabus in order to provide the best Islamic education possible for our community.

Phone: 07305 170248

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