Eid and Jummah Salah Registration

Dear Brothers,

Entry to Eid and future Jummah  Salah at HMC is strictly via online booking. Don’t delay, Register NOW!

🕌 *Eid & Jummah Salah Registration* 🕌

_*The Registration for Eid & Jummah Salah on 31st July 2020 is LIVE NOW.*_

Visit our Eventbrite page, carefully check and register for the relevant event:


*HMC have right to refuse entry if you do not have the following:*
1️⃣ Your ticket – Instructions: https://bit.ly/2WD8elX
2️⃣ Prayer Mat
3️⃣ Face Mask
4️⃣ Carrier Bag for shoes
5️⃣ Wudu

*Other Important Notes*
1. All visitors *MUST* adhere to the following safety guidelines: https://bit.ly/39byhWd
2. Registration is open to age group 12 to 65 only.
3. To make sure all brothers get a chance to offer their Salah, please do not double-book.
4. We regret not being able to accommodate sisters yet
5. Separate booking is required for Eid and Jummah Salah

🌸 *Please share with your families & friends*

If you need any help with booking, please contact us

Two Jammat will be prayed. Click below and Book accordingly.


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