Ramadan 2019


Al-Tabaraani, Al-Haakim and Al-Bayhaqi narrated (more…)

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Ramadan Announcement 2019

The Hayes Muslim Centre is pleased to announce that 1 Ramadan 1440 will be on Monday 6 May 2019....

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We thank Allah(Swt) for blessing us with the month of Ramadhan (more…)

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Ramadan Timetabel 2019

Ramadan 2019 time table has been announced please get your copy. (more…)

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Gift to those who Fast

At this stage I can not find a better gift or greater masterpiece than to present to those who...

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Transform your life

  Fasting can bring us many benefits. Physically, we are discovering how it can help us improve our health....

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Virutes of Ramadan

Abu Umamah, may Allah be pleased with him, asked the Messenger of Allah, upon whom be peace, to tell him of...

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