Buy premium AJWA to support your centre

Hayes & Angel Muslim Centre offers Premium Qaulity AJWA DATES at your doorstep!

🌴 This Ramadan buy all your Dates from us. All proceeds will go towards supporting your local masjid and earning Sadqa e Jaria

Buy for your household and what better gift to buy for all your loved ones. Supplied in 1 KG beautiful Boxes.

Price: 1Kg £20.00

*Fresh Stock, Naturally Sourced from Madina, Medium Size & Premium Quality*

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*Important Note:*
Collection only, stocks are limited, 1st come 1st serve basis. Please collect your order from office within 72 hours of submitting your order request or your order will be cancelled.

The Prophet Muhammed (s) said: “Whoever takes 7 Ajwa dates in the morning will be protected from magic or poison that day” Bukhari

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