Friday Prayer Update: Moulana Muhammad Ameen (Luton) talk begins at 12:30.

Assalaamu ‘Alaikum



All Praise be to Allah the most merciful. It is the time to announce one of the important changes that were required for our Centre  from past few years, Alhamdulillah we are now in a phase to install an air conditioning and heating systems within the centre. Due to the size and number of users, standard systems were insufficient. We are installing a complete heating and cooling indoor system that requires upgrading our current wiring system. There will be slight down time while  upgrading the electrical wiring. Masjid will have 8-10 DAYS power shortage but we have already arranged the temporary arrangements. On other hand Madrasa will be CLOSED for 8-10 DAYS. 

We will appreciate your support and cooperation. 

We are Running fund raising, any brother/sister wants to contribute please contact Tajammaul Chaudhry on 07961092915. 

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Jumu’ah Times from Friday 3rd April 2015

  • First Jama’ah: 1.30pm

  • Second Jama’ah: 2.15pm


April and May 2015 Prayer Timetable

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What’s happening at the Centre?

Profound efforts are being made to find a suitable air conditioning system. We looked into a number of options with various professionals and experts, and obtained a number of quotations from various contractors. Read more >




Islamic Enquiries

Islamic Enquiries

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If you have skills in any of these areas and have time to commit then please come forward and meet us. There are great rewards in helping the House of Allah. This is an investment of our hereafter. Jazakallakhair

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Quote of the week

Abu Musa reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: ‘The parable of the guidance and knowledge with which Allah the Exalted has sent me is that of rain falling upon the earth. There is a good piece of land which receives the rainfall and as a result there is abundant growth of …

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Madrasah Info

Enrollment will take place from:  August 2015 Dates will be published soon (between 5-7pm) For further details contact 07983 612686

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